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Solar Heating and Cooling System

A climate control system that is integrated with solar panels is a great way to control the temperature in your home, maximize energy efficiency, save money, and conserve the environment, all at once!

Solar AC System Installation

If you’re interested in a solar air conditioning system in Macon for your home, just call us with any questions you may have. For a quick rundown on a solar system, read on.

A solar cooling and heating system in Macon employs photovoltaic (PV) panels that absorb energy from the sun and convert it into power that can be used by your AC unit. These PV panels are generally installed on the roof of your home so that they may maximize their daily exposure to the sun and so they stay out of the way as they take up a decent amount of space.

Solar panels are a great supplement to an existing AC system as well. Perhaps the greatest attribute of solar power is that it doesn’t have to be the exclusive power source, but can be integrated and synced with a traditional power supply, much like a hybrid vehicle uses both fuel and electricity. Depending on your situation, we’ll recommend different things. Some households might benefit from a fully solar system, whereas others might be more suited for a hybrid configuration between solar panels and standard electricity. Such things that might determine this include such things as tree coverage, neighboring buildings, or anything else that might obscure the sun wholly or partly at different times of the day. If the sun is obscured, the solar panels will absorb energy much less efficiently, which will in turn cause your AC system to run less effectively. Our trained and professional technicians will be able to assess your home and recommend the optimal energy package for you.

Solar Cooling & Heating Maintenance Program

If you live in a neighboring city such as Warner Robins, Forsyth, or Dublin, and are interested in solar air conditioning or solar heating in Macon, or if you’re interested in a preventive maintenance program from one of our technicians for your existing solar AC system, call Total Comfort Cooling & Heating today! Our technicians prescribe to a preventive maintenance program, whereby they replace and maintain your solar panels to minimize the risk of major damage, wear, or failure.

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